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The Journey To Myself

"You may of heard it a thousand times, or it may sound so cliche that it's lost all meaning, but it is through Yoga that I've found the truest expression of who I am, and also a powerful resilience, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Yoga has transformed my life and the way I relate to those around me, there's no doubt in my mind I am a better person because of my daily practice.

I have practiced in many schools of yoga and spent years immersing myself into Iyengar yoga, which has a strong focus on alignment and cleverly using props to make the pose accessible to all body types. my teacher training has been under the supervision of a kundalini teacher who has taken me deeply into the energy systems of the body and how our yoga practice can utilize these systems for our ultimate health on all levels.

As a teacher my passion is seeing you suprise yourself, in a yoga posture, in the way you dealt with a life situation, or in the gifts you find in relaxation. Yoga will change your life if you dedicate yourself, of that I'm sure.

India and the East have given us tremendous gifts in yoga Philosophy, and I would not be a true yoga teacher if I did not include them in the way I teach my students. Therefore all classes will include Pranayama (energy control through breath), Asana (physical poses) dyana (meditation).

Having a deep reverence for yoga does not mean it has to be intimidating for western minds, I love answering questions and finding the most simple explanations, also finding science that backs up this ancient wisdom.

As a human, and a teacher I want to continue my education for the rest of my life, so that I may share the most powerful and effective ways what yoga has taught me. Every student is also my teacher and I look forward to meeting you on your mat if you feel called".


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womens circle


Learn to Listen to Your Body

Krystle is a resident yoga teacher at Alchemy Yoga studio, Palmerston road, southsea, PO5 3PS

where she teaches group classes.


FRIDAYS 10-11.30AM

Gentle hatha and guided relaxation. These classes are suitable for all levels, with a focus on healthy alignment , working on a different theme in every class ensures a well rounded practice. A safe and nurturing space, encouraging you to connect deeply to your body and breath.


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Yoga Equipment


Practice specifically for your unique body.

Krystles passion is to share the incredible benefits of yoga with everyone and every body. Yoga should be accessible to everyone, if you've ever felt intimidated to walk into a class because you feel extra guidance for you abilities is needed, then a 1:1 session is a really great way of learning modifications and how to move safely in the postures. Allowing time to work within your bodies range of movement, and mindfully around any aliments or dis-ease in the the body.1:1 sessions can be arranged in your own home if there is an adequate space to practice in. Please message and we can begin to move you into your yoga practice with confidence. Appropriate for absolute beginners. 

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Empowering women & encouraging sisterhood.

Another absolute passion of mine is facilitating the monthly women's circle in Portsmouth. This sacred circle is a space to find new ways of talking & listening, and relating to one another. As we listen to each woman talk in turn we see her as whole and complete, and ultimately the keeper of all her own answers. All aspects of the feminine are welcome and celebrated here, the world needs strong, self assured and compassionate women now more than ever, and sitting in circle is one way we can shift from the patriarchy, embrace sisterhood, and find a balance between mind and heart. 
Activities may include gentle seated yoga, meditation, yoga nidra (body scan) simple rituals, mantra, food sharing, journaling, and lots of heart based communication. 
Takes place on the Friday evening closest to the new moon. 
Message for more details.


"My body is my temple & asanas are my prayers"




Krystle teaches yoga at Alchemy yoga studio, 107 Palmerston road, PO5 3PS.

Thursday 7-8.30pm

Friday 10-11.30am

07539 615865

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